It’s our 5 year anniversary

Mrs Carmel Bina PintoIt’s time say “Congratulations” to us – well it’s not for a baby this time:-).
It’s our 5 year anniversary with Cloudnine, a celebration of motherhood, a tiny baby grown into a little girl and a long term relationship  with Cloudnine. It wasn’t that long ago, in the summer of 2008, when I was pregnant with our daughter. After some discussion at home , we (my mother, husband and I ) made our way across town to this fairly new hospital. When we reached there we could not call it just a hospital. The warmth of the reception made me feel comfortable and it was a beautiful place for would-be mothers and babies. While we were there we randomly picked out my gynecologist, Dr. Prakash Kini, who, in my opinion is the best and coolest doctor! He never missed an appointment, made me feel like the pregnancy would be an easy process, answered my questions with complete dedication, is the only doctor who writes and the entire pregnancy details very neatly on a single sheet! My daughter was born a month early – Dr Kini was there and we got excellent medical attention in the first month as we needed some extra care.
We decided to continue with Cloudnine for pediatric care for our daughter and have been truly blessed with another amazing pediatrician in Dr.Kishore Kumar. As parents, we couldn’t ask for more in terms of child healthcare. Vaccinations were gentle, ear piercing at 11 months easy and since our daughter started outdoor activities, we visit every two months. Dr. Kishore patiently examines our child and the highlight of our visit is the “Amazing Tattoo”. The gentle approach to kids makes the visits easy.
It’s been a special journey and our appreciation and thankfulness is enormous. May all the Cloudnine staff and families be showered with blessings for their hard work and dedication.


-Mrs  Carmel Bina Pinto


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