Chaitali Lodaya’s Story

Chaitali LodayaHappiness was brimming from all the corners of my world when I got to know that I was pregnant again, after my previous miscarriage. I consulted a couple of doctors and hospitals where  the 3rd month scan report of the baby was diagnosed to be a disease called “Down’s Syndrome”.The option given to me was to terminate the baby However, we chose Cloudnine as our maternity & birthing home as I believed that it was the perfect place to be consulted and to welcome our baby in style. Our doctor, Dr. Leela Bhagavan, promised me that baby is perfectly all right and also further investigations were done for our satisfaction.

On May 23rd 2012, mid-night, I discovered I had spotting and rushed up with my family in the ambulance. At around 6 in the morning I finally had severe pain. At this point I completely gave in to her advice and instructions, fully aware that I would be having a baby in a couple of hours. The pain was uncontrollable and I asked my doctor to go through a C-section. However, she refused to do so and helped me deliver normally.

Our little prince was born healthy and handsome. By God’s grace, family support and an army of highly qualified, experienced doctors, nurses and other supporting staff, he was safely taken care of by Cloudnine team. We feel that every penny spent at Cloudnine was more than it’s worth. We are proud and happy to be associated with Cloudnine and thank them for a warm and memorable experience.

Keep up the good work of bringing smiles to every mother who visits Cloudnine.

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