ImageCloudnine was a concept that came into existence when its founder Mr. R. Kishore Kumar, a well known senior neonatologist, felt an urge to bring the best healthcare for women and children. The growing disparity in the standard of medical care available around the world and in India prompted the doctor to make these services available to people at affordable prices. The range of service available at Cloudnine includes gynecological care, care during pregnancy, neonatal and new born intensive care. The centre at Jayanagar, Bangalore along with the other centers also offers solutions to couples dealing with infertility and is popular for successfully dealing with high risk pregnancies.

ImageVision and Values
The vision to provide the best care and the customer centric values make Cloudnine at Jayanagar, Bangalore and elsewhere make it one of the most successful in woman and child healthcare industry. The employees at Cloudnine are treated with respect which ensures that they help in offering the best of services to the customers. With persistence and hard work, Cloudnine has achieved and maintained zero maternal mortality rates and 99.72% survival rate for babies all the while handling some of the most high risk cases. After serving people from Bangalore for more than half a decade, Cloudnine has now opened a new centre in Chennai with plans to provide advance healthcare services to more and more people.


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