“A proud Cloudnine mom”


Cloudnine was suggested to me by my cousin, who delivered here. Also by her reference, I consulted Dr. Kini. He is the epitome of optimism! All the consultations with him made me feel positive and confident. The best part about Dr. Kini was that he never prescribed too many medicines. He only asked me to eat right and avoid unnecessary foods, which helped me a lot and kept me from putting on excess weight during my pregnancy. I really admire Dr. Kini’s patience. I used to tell him a hundred problems and he would calmly listen to all of them and reply, “It’s normal” 🙂

My little baby was born on April 10th with the help of Dr. Kini’s expertise. This being my first operation in life, I was a little nervous. But the fact that my husband was allowed inside to be with me made me feel very good. I think it is a very nice initiative by Cloudnine, which makes the dads also feel equally involved during the entire process of pregnancy. On my husband’s part, he was a little scared too, but overall it made a lot of difference to him, and he will carry these memories with him always.

The nursing staff and the doctors were all very co-operative and I was really impressed by the hygiene and ambience of the rooms. The doctors never made me feel like a patient, and they helped me walk within a few days of the surgery! The experience at Cloudnine has been very memorable for me and I’m a proud Cloudnine mom!

– Prapthi Ravishankar


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