Complete Care at Cloud 9 Hospital in Jayanagar


Matching international hospital standards, Cloud9 is the best in India when you are looking for a maternity and pregnancy delivery hospital. The doctors are all very motivated and confident of giving the best of safety and comfort to both mom and child. Cloud 9 in Jayanagar, Bangalore was the first branch that had started and when they were successful in their aim of successfully providing full maternity services they have expanded into Chennai.

Pre delivery sessions:

The hospital gives you all the facilities that you may need for a smoother process of delivery. They educate the mother to be, on the growth process and changes that come in the body as the baby grows. Training and exercises are taught so that the delivery would be smooth. They also give the patients training on the correct position of breast feeding. The training is continued on how to go about family planning and use of contraceptives post delivery.

Other features:

Since the hospital is equipped with the latest technological support, one can ensure safer delivery even during emergencies. The maternal care plan includes the complete period from pre natal to delivery to post natal treatment. This is one of the exclusive features of the hospital.

All the caretakers including the Doctors and nurses are warm, friendly and determined to offer the best of comfort and service. They have successfully taken care of high risk pregnancies. There are qualified anesthesia professionals round the clock to take care of any pain.

The hospital has midwives who are equally experienced and enthusiastic to give their best services and to ensure that they would take care of one’s baby in case the parents require their services till the baby is 4 weeks old.

Past patients in their reviews have given an excellent report on the other facilities too that are available in the hospital. The ICU, labor room, delivery and recuperation rooms are all well maintained and give the patient a homely feeling. Cloud 9 hospital Bangalore has been maintaining or rather improving upon their standard of services to the mothers to be and they promise to continue their affordable and caring services to both mother and child.

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