Analyzing the Hospital Service with Cloudnine Reviews

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Hospitals such as Cloudnine hospital in Bangalore is evaluated regularly by a host of website where consumers can post their ratings. Based on their experiences, ratings may vary lo a great extent and whether the hospital is good or bad, depends on the person providing the review. Nowadays, patient safety is of critical importance and Cloudnine reviews provide a mixed reaction. Cloudnine hospital is primarily a women and child healthcare institution with specialized departments for pregnancy, infertility, and gynecology, neonatal, pediatric and new born intensive care. According to a major percentage of customer reviews obtained, it is one in the best hospitals list in Bangalore. Evaluation attempts on hospitals are escalating, providing the patients with unbiased insights into healthcare establishment quality and can determine their success. The quality of a maternity healthcare service depends mainly on the gynecology team and the support staff. The doctors at Cloudnine are reportedly very well experienced and attentive and they turn up even at the middle of the night in case of emergencies. According to patient reviews, mention may be made of Dr. Praveena and Arvind Shenoy, Dr. Lata Nelevigi, Dr Prakash Kini and Dr. Jaya Bhatt deserve special applaud as per service is concerned.

Though a little bit on the expensive side according to some, the services and the hospital decor are very good, with clean and comfortable maternity rooms to suit different budgets. The nursing staff is well experienced and caring and they are experts in handling the neonatal complications very well. The doctors at Cloudnine generally insist on having a normal delivery if it is not a high risk pregnancy. They have all the facilities for handling a normal delivery procedure and the doctor is available throughout the labour. They also provide lactation, nutrition information and physiotherapy sessions for moms to be and new mothers. The food quality and taste is also reportedly very satisfactory. The hospital has a cafe Au bon pain within the premises and also a utility store for mother and baby essentials as well as a photo studio.

Among the down sides of the Cloudnine reviews, they have a staff canteen which is not of a very good quality. They do not have a canteen for the people accompanying the patients and as a result people have to go out and find a place to eat which is not always convenient. The cafe is good; however, the menu is not designed to suit every taste bud and is also on the expensive side. Another problem with the hospital is that it is very difficult to book an appointment with some of the senior doctors.


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