Cloudnine Bangalore Reviews: Revisiting the Possibilities

Charlotte Holtz -  A Cloudnine Mom

Cloudnine hospital offers one of the best maternity cares in the city of Bangalore. Most mothers to be are skeptical about the delivery process, some preferring a natural childbirth, whereas some are comfortable with the modern methods of delivery or a C section. For people who wish to have a natural delivery must ensure that the facility has all the necessary medical care required. The medical attendants at the hospital understand the importance of a natural childbirth process and hence they always recommend the same if the pregnancy does not fall under the high risk category. According to Cloudnine Bangalore reviews, women can access the best attention and care during their labor and the highly trained team of doctors including the gynecologist, obstetrician, gerontologist and the nurses ensure the delivery process is as smooth as possible, keeping a strict eye on the health of the mother and the baby.

Majority of the delivery cases nowadays are a smooth and hassle free procedure if there are no medical complications involved. Cloudnine hospital has successfully achieved a zero mortality rate for mothers and more than ninety eight percent successes in new born survival. They have a very well experienced team and the state of the art equipment and facilities to handle any complications that may arise any time during childbirth and afterwards. Delivering at Cloudnine, according to consumer reviews is a good choice.

As far as the neonatology and infant care services are concerned, the Cloudnine Bangalore reviews are extraordinarily good. For people looking for the best care and treatment for new born babies, this facility is one of the best in Bangalore. The expertise of the nurses and the unparallel competency of the doctors are very well rated. The neonatology department has a very positive attitude and the regularity they maintain to evaluate the baby’s growth as well as consultation with the parents before any major decision is made is truly praiseworthy. The department has a round the clock nurses’ station at the department for continuous monitoring of the infants. They also assist the mothers with their lactation. According to patient reviews, the nurses are experts in handling babies who have difficulty in the feeding and burping process. They also manage to keep the babies’ calm who have sleep disorders, a very common problem with the new born babies.

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