Cloudnine Hospital: A Vision with a Cause


Cloudnine hospital is a part of Scrips & Scrolls India Pvt. Ltd and the Kids Clinic venture, with all the modern facilities in maternity and child care requirements. The facility was established by Dr. R. Kishore Kumar a very senior neonatologist, with the main objective of making the Indian standard in mother and child care at par with the International brands. With a very well trained and motivated work force, the hospital has successfully achieved a remarkable zero percent maternal as well as infant mortality rate. Trusted by many satisfied mothers, the hospital is considered one of the best in the city of Bangalore. With two branches in the city currently, the hospital is planning to extend its operations to other major cities in India. At Cloudnine hospital, the main aim is to assist the mother to be throughout her pregnancy by providing all the vital facilities that include antenatal, post natal as well as guidance on suitable delivery procedure. With the best team of consultant obstetricians, parents who choose Cloudnine are ensured of the best possible pregnancy care.

The facility provides very well maintained and equipped luxury rooms and suites that provide the most comfortable feel possible while away from home. A neonatal intensive care unit is a dedicated in house facility that deserves special mention. They also conduct a range of maternity support classes such as pregnancy support, physiotherapy classes, feeding and baby care support, postnatal exercises and pediatric services under supervision of an expert pediatrician.

At Cloudnine hospital, the maternity department is provided with the most spacious and state of the art Operation theatres and labor delivery and recovery rooms to support any situation. Among other facilities, the cashless treatment option in case of insurance coverage for reimbursement is assisted. The level III National Neonatology Forum certified intensive care unit for new born babies has the most modern equipments such as the Giraffe incubators. They also have a very strong infrastructure to support sick and premature babies. The special nursery care provided from the 24th week gestation onwards, in case of premature deliveries is worth mentioning.

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