Overview on Cloudnine Hospital

Cloud Nine Hosiptal

Modern day hospitals are equipped with all the contemporary facilities and equipments. But do they still believe in the power of human touch and genuine caring? Do they have feelings for their patients or they just treat them as a client who they will make money from? It is a very serious thing which we hardly think about. I know we all need best of the medical facilities and with medical insurance comfort and luxury have become much approachable too. Is it that easy? You need to ask yourself. Certainly, some aspects of these hospitals are questionable but some services are really appreciable. Few hospitals like Cloudnine Hospital are exemplary; they believe in humanity and thus try to provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly efficient medical staff to their patients.

Cloudnine Hospital is a world-class hospital situated in Bangalore and now Chennai too. It is founded by Dr. R Kishore Kumar with a vision of creating a truly outstanding medical institution that can support best medical aids with the best medical staff. If I may say so -they have actually bridged the gap between international and Indian medical standards, which is a great achievement. It started its journey in the year 2007, since then it was just expansion and extension. Starting from woman and child care facilities, it is now offering various other medical facilities such as pregnancy care, infertility care, gynaecological care, neonatal care, new born intensive care, high risk pregnancy care and paediatric care. This all sound so inspiring for all aspirants who want to enter this field of medicine.

Cloudnine Hospital is a group of well trained and enthusiastic medical professionals who aim to provide only the best services. All would be mothers, there is great news for you – the Cloudnine Hospital has achieved zero percent maternal mortality rate and 99.72% survival rate for babies, which is a great achievement. So, all you would be mothers you are in safe hands, don’t worry at all! This has become possible due to the continuous efforts made by the experienced and talented pool of doctors. Their hard work and dedication is showing these amazing results, hence maintaining a huge fan following. A winner of many prestigious awards, Cloudnine Hospital has become a brand name. Within such a small span of time this hospital has made a strong presence in the medical community. Forbes India named this hospital one of the 11 start-ups to watch out for in 2012, which shows how fast they are moving. In 2011, Brand Academy Service excellence award was begged by them. The list has many more big awards which clearly show that it has come a long way and will stay for the longest time.


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