Cloudnine Children’s Hospital Jayanagar – Witnessing Real Success

expertizitionThe Cloudnine group of hospitals is constantly revamping and extending their menu of services to families. Apart from being an authority in the fields of women’s reproductive health care and maternity services, they have gone further to establish a dedicated children’s hospital in Jayanagar. The new facility is located right next to the flagship center and has brought a huge relief to families. The service complements the already existing services that are of a highly specialized and superior quality.

The health of the child and that of the mother cannot be separated because oftentimes it is the issues that arise and extend from birth that need to be attended to. It is thus a great achievement for the all people who are in the hospital’s catchment area to have such convenience.

hospital features 42 beds on an area covering 18,000 square feet. It rises 3 floors and includes emergency services. This is in addition to other services such as paediatric intensive care (PICU) among others. One exciting feature that has accompanied this launch is the online facility which allows you to make bookings from the comfort of your home. This ensures that no outpatient gets to endure the excruciating waiting period that is characteristic of a queue. You can also view all the Doctors at the hospital and check out their full profiles. The hospital has professionals for any conceivable emergency that is characteristic of a children’s hospital.

In term of equipment, the hospital keeps pace with global trends and makes use of the latest in diagnostic and other equipment such as that for the coronary unit. With such a setup you are assured to get all your needs at one centre without the need to criss-cross the country for the right services, equipment and specialists. Never compromise the health and life of your child by taking them to obscure services and corner practitioners. Make sure that you get the best care from the highly regarded group of hospitals.

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