Cloud Nine Hospital in Jayanagar: Lessons on parenthood for correct care and comfort

Motherhood is one of the greatest feelings ever, as people say. It is a process of transformation, of expectations of great joy and infinite happiness. Overall, it is the process of the initiation of a human into this worlds, the episode of God’s finest creation waking up to the wonders of God’s earliest creation. Cloudnine hospital in Jayanagar aims to make this experience of life filled with joy so that it can be cherished forever, till death.

experts handsCloudnine hospital in Jayanagar offers

• Pregnancy Care
• Infertility Care
• Gynecological Care
• Neonatal Care
• Paediatric Care
• New Born
• Intensive Care
• High Risk
• Pregnancy Care

With a diversified and motivated workforce, which is focused on providing the best pre and post natal care to prospective mothers, Cloudnine hospital in Jayanagar has emerged as an ultimate provider of intensive healthcare facilities to pregnancy concerns. Furthermore, our experienced and trained professionals provide services for other concerns such as infertility and related issues. This has become a problem for newlyweds in today’s unforgiving and hard society where work takes a toll on health.

Despite undertaking high risk cases, Cloudnine has successfully achieved and sustained ZERO percent maternal mortality rate and 99.72% survival rates for babies, which is something we would really like to brag about. There have been cases which were really difficult to handle, but in the end the care and the expertise of our professional staff helped us to solve the problem.

Our intensive care facilities are state-of-the-art and we take care that none of the infants under our care suffer from any kind of problems/inconveniences. There are many reasons which bring parents of new-borns to facilities at Cloudnine hospital in Jayanagar, the most important of them being the fact that they learn a intensive and caring way to take care of the infant.

Essentially, the responsibility and the pressure which enhances on parents after their child makes a grand entry into the world may sometimes divert their attention from the fact that they have been truly blessed. Cloud 9 hospital in Jayanagar helps to realize the importance of this blessing and let the parents know the correct way in which to care for the precious child.

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