What Cloudnine Reviews Say About the Hospital

If you are expecting a baby, it is understood that you would like to deliver a baby in a facility, which is equipped with everything required to bring your little one into the world. Cloudnine is among the leading healthcare providers in India catering to almost every aspect of pregnancy and neonatal care. The hospital since its inception has a trail record of successful deliveries with 0% mother mortality rate and 99.72% survival rates for babies.


The hospital with its world-class services has filled the void between Indian and international standards in health care sector. In a short span of time, Cloudnine has established itself among the most acclaimed names in the realm of maternal and childcare. All facilities of Cloudnine in more than one city are equipped with exceptional amenities to ensure stress free delivery. The hospital also specializes in maternity, gynecology, pediatrics, fertility and intensive care among others.

Parents who are expecting a baby should look for a renowned maternity center that provides care and pampering along with a hygienic atmosphere, and if we go by Cloudnine reviews posted by its present and previous patients, the hospital is one such destination.

Assorted Cloudnine feedback & Reviews

To present a fair picture of the facilities and services offered by Cloudnine, we have a compilation of some Cloudnine customer feedback & reviews.

“Few months ago, we were looking for a reliable maternity care center in Bangalore. While browsing my options online, I came across the Cloud Nine hospital website, the services offered by the hospital were quite convincing, and therefore me and my wife decided to go with their services. Unlike other hospitals atmosphere inside the hospital was very lively and friendly. The doctors very patient to hear us out and guided us accordingly with maternal care. My wife liked the hospital very much and it took us no time to trust Cloudnine with rest of our pregnancy care. Today we are parents of a cute baby girl, all thanks to Cloudnine.”

– Mark Thomas

“Thanks to Cloudnine and its well-qualified obstetricians, I had a safe delivery amidst various complications. The doctors and staff at Cloudnine are competent and offer intensive care. Besides, the hospital offer lively atmosphere that keeps you at your calm. My overall experience with Cloudnine was very comforting. I sincerely recommend Cloudnine for parents looking for a safe and hassle-free pregnancy and neonatal care.”

– Sunita

Considering these reviews submitted online by various Cloudnine patients, it would be safe to say that the hospital is a safe bet when it comes to maternal and childcare. Hope this guide provides you a better idea about Cloudnine hospital and its service standards.


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