Get the Best Maternity Care at Cloudnine Hospital

For expecting mum’s pregnancy is filled with excitement as well as nervous times. They experience an emotional turmoil during their pregnancy. Since pregnancy is a crucial time, you must be very cautious about your health and well-being. While some women prefer being taken care of at home by elders, others prefer specialist lead treatment during their expecting months. If you are also looking for specialist care, then you must look for hospitals that offer good maternity care service. Cloudnine hospital is one healthcare centre that you can get in touch with during pregnancy. The hospital is specialized in complete pregnancy and maternity care.

Best-in-class Care

The hospital has hired experienced medical professionals with expertise in maternity care. These professionals comply with the emotional stress that women’s go through during pregnancy and take complete care of them. Also, the hospital is well-equipped latest tools and technologies that are needed to support the patients in case of emergency. Moreover, round the clock supervision and support offered by the support staff is highly commendable. This makes the expecting mum’s feel relaxed about that someone is around all the time to look after them.


Area of Expertise
Cloudnine is not limited to pregnancy care, but also has expertise in other domains as well, namely:
• Gynaecology
• Intensive Care
• Paediatrics
• Neonatal Care
• New Born Intensive Care

Offering maternity and related services has enabled the hospital to cater to a wider audience with ease. Moreover, the infertility treatment is highly beneficial to couples who want to experience the joy of parenthood. In addition to this, high risk pregnancy care is also an excellent service, because you never know when you can develop complication during pregnancy and in such a situation, being assisted by experts is very important.

Commendable Service

The hospital has earned praises from all quarters. If awards and recognitions are believed to be the testimony of how good the service provider is, then Cloudnine healthcare centre is surely one of the leading pregnancy and maternity care centres of the country. In 2014, the hospital was declared as the pride of Karnataka and received an award from the government for the same, which speaks volume about their admirable services.

Operational Regions

The hospital is already spreading joy in Bengaluru and Chennai which are among the prominent cities of the country and is expanding its reach to other cities like Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon, as well.

Good care during expecting months is very important and you should not risk it in the hands of novice. Thus, contact a reliable maternity care centre like Cloudnine hospital to receive world-class care during pregnancy days and beyond as well.


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