Cloud 9 Hospital: Best Maternity Care Chain in India

Cloud 9 hospital offer world class facilities to more and more female patients that look for best treatment care facility during pregnancy. This hospital is renowned in the entire nation for its state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities and healthcare services provided to patients. With over thousands of satisfied clients all over the nation, Cloud 9 always strives to offer international quality and specialized healthcare services in India especially for women and children.

The brand has become synonymous of best health care services, respect and courtesy by providing premium quality specialized and stellar services. The hospital is known for having the best medical facilities and experienced team of doctors, and is equipped with all the modern facilities that match with world class standards of healthcare, hospitality, customer care, technology, and patient care.

Best Maternity Care

Most Preferred Hospital for Maternity Treatments
Cloud 9 Hospital has earned a good name in the Indian market by maintaining continuous improvement in the field of women’s healthcare & pregnancy. The hospital holds specialization in maternity care facility and understands the various level of complexity required in treatment procedures. Cloud 9 offers improved and modern ways of healthcare that include following facilities.

Many of female patients prefer contacting Cloud 9 hospital during pregnancy as the hospital extends extensive care throughout pregnancy.

Cloud 9 is premier in handling gynaecological issues. The hospital even conducts multiple women health check-ups to diagnose health issues during pregnancy.

For kids up to the age of 18 years, hospital provides world-class treatment facilities to ensure effective quality results. Their team of talented doctors helps patients to understand more about how to take care of the health of new born babies.

Intensive Care
The ICU unit in Cloud 9 hospital has all the modern facilities and certified by the National Neonatology Forum that is the main brand of ICU services. Proper hygiene is maintained in the intensive care unit, and it is equipped with all the modern facilities required for treatment.

At Cloud 9, the fertility experts provide correct advice to couples who are facing problems in their pregnancy or other related issues. Due to stressed lifestyle and bad habits many women’s unable to conceive a child. If you are also facing the same concern, experienced doctors at Cloud 9 can help you can overcome this problem.

The storage of stem cells is a completely new initiative of Cloud 9 hospital in association with LifeCell. This process aims to make people preserve the stem cells of their baby for specific time period or lifetime. Various services offered under Cryonine include

• Round the clock stem cell collection facilities
• Process is done by trained & qualified staff
• Special programs on Cryonine
• Client care program by qualified counsellors
• Lab report facility

There are many specialized hospitals in India that offer excellent care facilities for pregnancy, infertility, genecology, and other medical issues. Cloud 9 hospital accredited widely for its international standards and high-quality health care facilities. With the help of team of qualified and talented doctors, physicians, and surgeon, they treat patients in the best possible ways.


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