Cloudnine Bangalore the Best Hospital for Maternity Care

The next big thing after you get pregnant is to look for maternity hospitals and planning the birth of a baby and postnatal care. While making a final decision is crucial for couples, it is imperative to gather all information first to make a right choice to find the best maternity hospital for the birth of the baby and baby care.

The Cloudnine Hospital in Bangalore is on the top of the list of expecting mothers, and definitely, it is a good choice. This hospital believes in total wellness care of mother & child health, which is why mothers’ are choosing this maternity hospital for pregnancy care, neonatal care, and paediatric care. The hospital assures to deliver the best experience of birthing and happy pregnancy.

Cloudnine Bangalore – Best Hospital for Maternity Care

The reputation of any hospital depends on its quality of services, doctors, and the support staff. Cloudnine Hospital Bangalore is a premium brand in the space of women & child care in India. They are providing specialized healthcare services in different spheres of maternity & gynaecological issues.

Cloudnine hospital in BangaloreCloudnine Hospital in Bangalore is at the very first place in the list of top magazines, newspapers, and websites. The fully equipped luxury rooms and suites at the hospital offer a joyful experience to mothers-to-be, and they do not feel uncomfortable. It is a better idea to choose a package for yourself that suits your varying needs and find out how good the maternity service is at Cloudnine.

The doctors in the hospital have that expertise and experience required to treat gynaecological issues. You can check customers’ feedback and the ratings on the hospital’s website to testify this fact.

Services Offered By the Hospital

Cloudnine Whitefield Centre in Bangalore, have ensured the best childbirth facilities, and all this enabled them to deliver the unmatched 99.72% early neonatal survival rate and 100 successful deliveries. When it comes to technology and services, state-of-the-art facilities are maintained at the hospital such as spacious and comfortable LDRs rooms, Operation Theatres, 4D real-time ultrasound imaging system and the high level of infection control system in the OT.

At Cloudnine Hospital Bangalore, all their staff members are experts in their respective fields and do their work with the complete dedication. Women can enjoy a healthy & happy pregnancy at the hospital. The hospital has won numerous awards and recognition for doing great work in the field of women and child care.

They have won Brand Academy Healthcare Excellence Award in 2014, Social Media Campaign of the Year 2015, Best PE/VC-backed Healthcare Company for 2014 and many more. The hospital provides world-class medical expertise regarding quality and everything you need to nurture life the right way.

In the End

The Cloudnine Hospital at Bangalore offers basic healthcare & wellness specialties to the mother and child. By understanding the complexities of pregnancy care, the hospital provides the best medical care for women of all ages in all areas of gynaecological issues.


Expert Gynaecology Service at Cloudnine Hospital

Gynaecology deals with the female reproductive system health, which is extremely delicate. This medical field required proper knowledge and detailed study and research. Various health issues are treated under the medical supervision of a professional gynaecologist such as urine problems, cervical cancer and other related conditions.

Cloud 9 hospital doctor reviews

Make a Smart Decision

When searching for a gynaecologist, it is essential to pick a gynaecologist as per your choice because you would be maintaining a constant connection with the professional.
In case you are planning to conceive a baby in future then, it is better for you to go with some gynaecologist who is also an obstetrician, as the personnel can take better care of your case at the time of your pregnancy.
Health is the most important factor in life, and this is the reason for which you should never compromise with it. It is always better to go with some professional and certified doctor at some good hospital like Cloud 9. At Cloud 9 hospital, the team of expert doctors provides the most superlative medical assistance to all the patients. This medical centre endows all their clients with the medical services like paediatrics, gynaecology, fertility, maternity, intensive care and stem cell banking.

Gynaecology Solutions at Cloud 9 Hospital

As India’s leading healthcare centre that is wholly dedicated to woman and child care, the experts at the centre completely understand the complications of women’s health.
Cloud 9 serves women of all ages with superior medical assistance, addressing conditions in areas of puberty, sexual health, pre-marital counselling, early pregnancy, hysterectomy, breast care, urinary incontinence other gynaecological problems.
The hospital also provides complete “Well Woman” health check-ups as an investigative screening tool to ensure their clients receive the best healthcare.

Care at Cloud 9 Hospital

Now, all the patients at Cloud 9 Hospital can bestow their loved ones with Cloudnine health vouchers and can avail medical services at reduced rates. The team of professionals at Cloud 9 has successfully served all the patients with top-notch health services. If you still have any questions or doubt regarding the quality and reliability of medical services offered at the hospital, you can quickly resolve all your doubts by going through the Cloud 9 Hospital doctor reviews that are posted on the site.

Bottom Line

The health services at Cloud 9 are considered to be the best among leading medical centres. The Cloud 9 Hospital doctor reviews on the hospital’s website clearly show that they are serving all their valued clients to the best of their abilities.

Experience Top-Notch Maternity Services at Cloud 9 Hospital

Cloud 9 hospital is a chain of maternity hospitals, where the working staff believes that the greatest gift of a female’s life is expecting a baby. They consider the duration of pregnancy as the most charmed experience a lady can have. Every special gift deserves a special care; therefore it is extremely essential that an expecting lady should get intensive and maximum care. At cloud 9 hospital, the mother and the baby get intensive care not only at the time of delivery, but for the complete duration of pregnancy. This is done to get certain about a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Services at Cloud 9 Hospital
The medical experts at the cloud 9 hospital understand that the life take a major turn at the time when a woman comes to know that she is carrying a baby in her womb. Their aim is to perform amazingly in partnership with the patients for the entire duration of pregnancy. They endow the patients with all the essentially required services that include complete antenatal care, required or preferred delivery options together with the postnatal care that is essential for both, the mother and the new born.

The consultant obstetricians at Cloud 9 hospital are among the most leading and expert practitioners in their concerned fields. The patients at this place can be sure about the fact that they will undeniably receive the most superlative care for the entire duration.

Best Maternity Care hospital

Why Choose Cloud 9 For Maternity Care?
The reason behind choosing Cloud 9 hospital for all the issues related to motherhood is that the experts working with them endow all the patients with top-notch services with the assurance of a healthy and safe pregnancy experience. Adding more to this point, they provide the best sort of services at the most pocket friendly prices. The next best fact about this medical centre is that they make the patients experience an unforgettable time together with superlative care and attention that always goes beyond the expectations of the patients.

At Cloud 9 hospital, all the clients are bestowed with the superlative medical expertise together with a space stuffed up with love, care and happiness. The professional staff members at Cloud 9 is completely dedicated to the holistic well-being of the mother and the new born.

Reach Cloud 9 Hospital in Bangalore for Best Maternity Care

Pregnancy and subsequently motherhood is one of the most pleasing experiences for a woman. The feeling of a little life developing inside can sometimes be quite overwhelming for a lot of women. Also, this is the time when you need to take utmost care of your health because you have a life associated with you. Thus, you will have to take control of your eating habits, lifestyle, etc. for a healthy pregnancy.

However, a healthy pregnancy is not limited to these factors only. You also need proper guidance during this time, which can only be provided by specialist. In fact, these specialists, gynaecologists, can also help you with pregnancy diet and other factors to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and go on to deliver a healthy baby.

Cloud 9 Hospital in Bangalore

Looking out for Hospitals
Your search for a good maternity care centre must have taken you on a tour of hospitals and picking one of them for your need is a difficult task. If you are in Bangalore, there are a number of maternity care centres in the city; however, Cloud9 hospital is a very popular one that you must get in touch with during pregnancy.

There are certain reasons why Cloud 9 hospital in Bangalore should be the hospital you must go to for maternity care, some of which are described below.

For their Modern Facilities
Cloud9 has installed modern facilities in its premises to extend best-in-class services to its customers. This has helped them in achieving over 23,000 happy deliveries and a high neonatal survival rate of about 99.72%.

For their Awesome Services
Apart from maternity care Cloud9 hospital is also known to offer plethora of other services with the same proficiency.

• Gynaecology
• Paediatrics
• Fertility
• Intensive Care

The hospital is able to offer top-grade services in these fields because of the expertise of its medical professionals.

For They Have Won Accolades for Their Work
Owing to their dedication in the field for providing top-end service to their clientele, Cloud9 has earned numerous awards and accolades from around the world. Some of the awards they have won are:

• Pride of Karnataka Award- 2014
• Brand Academy Healthcare Excellence Award 2014
• Mother & Child Care Service Provider Company of the year 2014
• 4th Genius HR Excellence Award 2014
• Best PE/VC-backed Healthcare Company for 2014

For They Have Earned Customer’s Trust
One of the biggest achievements for a service provider is to earn appreciation and gratitude of its clients, and Cloud9 has surely earned that. The client feedback on their site is testimony to the fact that the customers who have rendered any of their service have liked it and appreciate it.

Final Word

All these features point to the fact that Cloud9 hospital in Bangalore is the hospital that you must contact for best maternity care.

Complete Pregnancy Care with Cloud 9 Hospital in Bangalore

Pregnancy is the most exciting as well as tensed times in the life of a woman. Excitement of brining a new life in the world and stress about everything goes smoothly go hand in hand. During these times most couples look for complete care solution. There are a number of hospitals and health care centers in Bangalore that offer complete pregnancy care, one such center is Cloud 9 hospital. Cloud 9 hospital in Bangalore, is a well-known hospital in the city for pre and post pregnancy care. Their comprehensive care extends well past maternity services to help you nurture your new born. The article provides and insight of the facilities at cloud 9 hospital and why it stands out among the pregnancy care centers in Bangalore.


World-class Facilities and Round the Clock Care

Being a health care center, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to look after their patients. The expecting mothers are provided with round the clock care to look after their each and every need. In order to ensure that pregnant women are given best possible care, the hospital has roped in highly experienced physicians who are well-versed in their domain. By providing such a care, the hospital has successfully created a niche in the city, due to which more and more expecting couples are flocking to the hospital for complete pregnancy care.

More than Pregnancy Care
Cloud 9 has not limited its service to pregnancy care, but the hospital even offers other services like:

•  Infertility Care
•  Gynecological Care
•  Paediatric Care
•  High Risk Pregnancy Care

By extending their care services has helped the hospital to cater to the other needs of the people. Moreover, providing infertility and gynecological treatments to the needful couples, has enabled the hospital to mark its presence in the competitive domain. Additionally, the hospital even provides parent craft workshops to help couples deal with different situations easily.

Highly Acclaimed Services 

Another reason why cloud 9 hospital is hugely popular and most sort out destination for couples looking for pregnancy care is that the hospital has earned multitude of awards and recognition from every quarter. 2014 proved to be a year of excellence for the hospital as it bagged several awards for providing high-quality service to the patients. The hospital received mother & child care service provider company of the year as well as pride of Karnataka award in the year.

Bottom Line

Proper care during pregnancy is vital for every woman, and when you have the option of getting it from a highly-acclaimed health care center then why not avail it? Select cloud 9 hospital in Bangalore to get best-in-class maternity care.

Story of the Twins- By Sridevi

My biggest dream was conceived in the month of December when I was tested positive for pregnancy. I shared this with my best friend and she suggested Dr. Manjula Raghuveer to me. Of course, I had heard great things about Dr. Manjula during my friend’s pregnancy. Hence, I was looking forward to my appointment with her.  When I walked in to the consultation room I was welcomed with a warm, genuine smile by the doctor which made me feel comfortable in an instant. Dr. Manjula is one of the most jovial and friendly doctors I have come across. Since she had predicted I would be having preterm delivery, she and Dr. Adinarayan prepared me well and gave me a lot of tips on how to handle emergencies during pregnancy. Dr. Manjula has always answered my call and my doubts irrespective of how busy she is.

Finally, our two little babies were born on 16th June. But since they were 22 weeks preterm, they had to be admitted to the NICU in the Cloudnine Malleshwaram facility itself. Throughout the 15 days of stay in the NICU, my babies received the same focused care and attention. There was no tinge of negligence on a single day. My husband being a doctor was very surprised to see the NICU facilities at Cloudnine and was glad we chose the right birthing home. The hospital is filled with friendly doctors and nursing staff who were ever-willing to help us out at all times. Dr. Shekar, Dr. Kishore and Dr. Aadinarayan have all been a strong of team of support to me and my family.

I am very happy that we have such advanced facilities for our children in our own city, and not just abroad. A big hug to the Cloudnine team!



“A proud Cloudnine mom”


Cloudnine was suggested to me by my cousin, who delivered here. Also by her reference, I consulted Dr. Kini. He is the epitome of optimism! All the consultations with him made me feel positive and confident. The best part about Dr. Kini was that he never prescribed too many medicines. He only asked me to eat right and avoid unnecessary foods, which helped me a lot and kept me from putting on excess weight during my pregnancy. I really admire Dr. Kini’s patience. I used to tell him a hundred problems and he would calmly listen to all of them and reply, “It’s normal” 🙂

My little baby was born on April 10th with the help of Dr. Kini’s expertise. This being my first operation in life, I was a little nervous. But the fact that my husband was allowed inside to be with me made me feel very good. I think it is a very nice initiative by Cloudnine, which makes the dads also feel equally involved during the entire process of pregnancy. On my husband’s part, he was a little scared too, but overall it made a lot of difference to him, and he will carry these memories with him always.

The nursing staff and the doctors were all very co-operative and I was really impressed by the hygiene and ambience of the rooms. The doctors never made me feel like a patient, and they helped me walk within a few days of the surgery! The experience at Cloudnine has been very memorable for me and I’m a proud Cloudnine mom!

– Prapthi Ravishankar