Cloud Nine, Jaya Nagar 3rd Block, Bangalore – A Member of the Prestigious Cloud Nine Family of Hospitals

images (6)Cloud Nine is now a household name when it comes to the provision of quality and holistic health services for the group of women and kids which is rather vulnerable. Bangalore is one place which is adequately covered by Cloud Nine institutions which are strategically located to cater for everyone within the jurisdiction. There are 8 centres that are already operational although the administration stands ready to increase this number if the need arises. One is Cloud Nine, Jaya Nagar 3rd Block, Bangalore, where you find all the trademark services and setup.

What Makes Cloud Nine Unique In Bangalore And The Rest Of India?

Cloud Nine is a specialty hospital which caters for the medical needs of women from fertility treatments to maternity services and critical child care. The glaring shortcomings that have existed in the provision of health services to the women folk have gone unmolested for centuries now. The world, under the auspices of the World Health Organization, has made a commitment to relegate this anomaly to the doldrums of history. This is why the operations of entities such as Cloud Nine are being heralded as being revolutionary and constituting history in the making.

The services take care of the family core and ensure that mothers are not exposed to inferior services, infections, diseases and unnecessary pain during delivery. Mothers who have been determined to belong to the at-risk grouping can also receive top class service from Cloud Nine facilities. If yo7u are looking to switch from a caesarean section birth to natural vaginal birth, the centres can also assist you and they have the capacity to revert to do a repeat caesarean in case of an emergency and can also take care of intensive care cases of childbirth.

The centre feature state of the art diagnostic and other equipment which is utilized by a crop of highly experienced professionals who are distinguished within their respective fields. The facilities are spacious, clean and presentable which is a requirement for good medical facilities. The costs associated with getting treated at Cloud Nine are quite modest considering the quality of service that you access. It has made luxury medical services accessible by every woman, mother and child.

Go through the online reviews associated with any of the Cloud Nine clinics to hear first-hand accounts of the wonderful story. You can also pay any of the centres a personal visit to have a look at the facilities, equipment, operations and also talk to some of the professionals about your concerns.

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Cloud Nine Hospital in Jayanagar: Lessons on parenthood for correct care and comfort

Motherhood is one of the greatest feelings ever, as people say. It is a process of transformation, of expectations of great joy and infinite happiness. Overall, it is the process of the initiation of a human into this worlds, the episode of God’s finest creation waking up to the wonders of God’s earliest creation. Cloudnine hospital in Jayanagar aims to make this experience of life filled with joy so that it can be cherished forever, till death.

experts handsCloudnine hospital in Jayanagar offers

• Pregnancy Care
• Infertility Care
• Gynecological Care
• Neonatal Care
• Paediatric Care
• New Born
• Intensive Care
• High Risk
• Pregnancy Care

With a diversified and motivated workforce, which is focused on providing the best pre and post natal care to prospective mothers, Cloudnine hospital in Jayanagar has emerged as an ultimate provider of intensive healthcare facilities to pregnancy concerns. Furthermore, our experienced and trained professionals provide services for other concerns such as infertility and related issues. This has become a problem for newlyweds in today’s unforgiving and hard society where work takes a toll on health.

Despite undertaking high risk cases, Cloudnine has successfully achieved and sustained ZERO percent maternal mortality rate and 99.72% survival rates for babies, which is something we would really like to brag about. There have been cases which were really difficult to handle, but in the end the care and the expertise of our professional staff helped us to solve the problem.

Our intensive care facilities are state-of-the-art and we take care that none of the infants under our care suffer from any kind of problems/inconveniences. There are many reasons which bring parents of new-borns to facilities at Cloudnine hospital in Jayanagar, the most important of them being the fact that they learn a intensive and caring way to take care of the infant.

Essentially, the responsibility and the pressure which enhances on parents after their child makes a grand entry into the world may sometimes divert their attention from the fact that they have been truly blessed. Cloud 9 hospital in Jayanagar helps to realize the importance of this blessing and let the parents know the correct way in which to care for the precious child.

Cloudnine Children’s Hospital Jayanagar – Witnessing Real Success

expertizitionThe Cloudnine group of hospitals is constantly revamping and extending their menu of services to families. Apart from being an authority in the fields of women’s reproductive health care and maternity services, they have gone further to establish a dedicated children’s hospital in Jayanagar. The new facility is located right next to the flagship center and has brought a huge relief to families. The service complements the already existing services that are of a highly specialized and superior quality.

The health of the child and that of the mother cannot be separated because oftentimes it is the issues that arise and extend from birth that need to be attended to. It is thus a great achievement for the all people who are in the hospital’s catchment area to have such convenience.

hospital features 42 beds on an area covering 18,000 square feet. It rises 3 floors and includes emergency services. This is in addition to other services such as paediatric intensive care (PICU) among others. One exciting feature that has accompanied this launch is the online facility which allows you to make bookings from the comfort of your home. This ensures that no outpatient gets to endure the excruciating waiting period that is characteristic of a queue. You can also view all the Doctors at the hospital and check out their full profiles. The hospital has professionals for any conceivable emergency that is characteristic of a children’s hospital.

In term of equipment, the hospital keeps pace with global trends and makes use of the latest in diagnostic and other equipment such as that for the coronary unit. With such a setup you are assured to get all your needs at one centre without the need to criss-cross the country for the right services, equipment and specialists. Never compromise the health and life of your child by taking them to obscure services and corner practitioners. Make sure that you get the best care from the highly regarded group of hospitals.

Become a Privileged Parent with Cloudnine Fertility Care

cryonineChild birth is one of the most memorable moments in every individual’s life. Cloudnine is a Bangalore-based maternal and childcare specialty hospital that handles childbirths with utmost care of both the new-born as well as the mother. Regardless of the severity of the case the hospital has been able to sustain zero percent maternal mortality rate and 99.72% survival rates for babies.

Cloudnine, since its inception in 2007, has been providing world-class healthcare through a comprehensive portfolio of services. In its short span of time, the hospital has built an image of offering diversified, well trained, and motivated workforce to its patients.

Here is a list of some of their specialties:

Infertility Treatments

Owed to the rather unbalanced lifestyle of people, the cases of infertility have increased manifold compared to yesteryears. Posseting a laudable cognizance of all sorts of infertility issues, the experts at Cloud nine fertility leverage innovative technology and strict processes. As a result, their success rate is among the highest in the country.

Gynaecological Caregynaecology

Cloudnine is one of the leading healthcare centers in India, devoted to woman and childcare. The gynaecological program offers care for women of all ages, encompassing all sorts of gynaecological issues. This also includes taking care of complexities related to the female reproductive system.

Neonatal Intensive Care

The hospital makes use of innovative instruments and proven approaches to manage numerous complexities associated with childbirth. The hospital is also certified by the National Neonatology Forum for its exceptional neonatal intensive care.

What Makes Cloudnine Unique?

  • Cheerful atmosphere
  • Welcoming staff
  • World-class doctors
  • Advanced equipment
  • Patient-centric services
  • Specialized health care programs
  • 99.72% success rate of new born
  • Placed among ‘11 Start-ups to Watch Out for in 2012’ by Forbes India
  • Receiver of the National Quality Excellence Award
  • Best Maternal & Infant Care hospital award

After winning numerous accolades and becoming a household name in Bangalore, the hospital has now come up with a new facility in Chennai, with more upcoming projects across the country.

Cloudnine® Bangalore Reviews

NICUThe health and future of the family unit and indeed the whole world is tied to the health of women. Traditional society had perfected the art of marginalizing women and issues that concern them. The results of this dangerous attitude have managed to restrict the progress of the whole of mankind. This has seen world bodies, governments, organizations and private individuals going into overdrive in advocating for the prioritization of issues that affect women. One of the most crucial issues has always had to do with the quality of maternity care and reproductive health care that is available to the womenfolk. Cloudnine® is one of the providers of quality maternity and reproductive health care that have emerged to actively pursue quality health care for all women. One of the centers is in Bangalore and has been providing world class care and treatment to women on a wide range of issues. Cloudnine® Bangalore reviews will testify to the extent to which this center is changing lives for the better.

What Services Are On Offer?

Cloudnine® has spacious modern facilities and state of the art equipment. This is complemented by highly qualified, experienced and driven professionals who take their work as a calling. It offers a full range of high quality affordable maternity care. Women can also access the services of experienced gynecologists, get fertility treatments, and get top class pediatrics. Intensive care cases are fully taken care of as the hospital has the right equipment and medical professionals for the task.

As a step in providing more services that are changing the lives of many across the world, Cloudnine® offer cryonine services where you can deposit your child’s stem cells for a day of need. Stem cells are being used the world over in organ and tissue regeneration and healing of a breakthrough nature. The richest source of these stem cells is the umbilical cord and you have a golden opportunity to do that when you give birth. As we look to the future, more services will keep on getting incorporated and the hospital widening its reach more than ever before.

Cloud Nine Hospital Bangalore Reviews

AdviseEvery woman needs to priorities their reproductive health and the quality of care that they receive during pregnancy. It is also the duty of every responsible husband to see to it that this vital element of a woman life and indeed the whole family unit receives great priority all the time. Home based forms of care and remedies are not advisable as they have shattered the lives of many people in more ways than one. The choice of maternal and reproductive healthcare provider is one that is supposed to be decided by a number of factors that go beyond affordability. You must find a healthcare provider that has competent staff, modern facilities and industry standard equipment. The provider must also give high quality care that appeal to the needs of each patient.

One such provider is Cloudnine which is located in Bangalore. The centre has a solid reputation and prides itself at being a torch bearer of fight to provide quality maternal and reproductive healthcare to every woman. Cloudnine hospital Bangalore reviews can give testimony to the hospitals track record. The facility has a wide range of services on offer to women namely:

• Infertility care
• Gynaecological care
• Pregnancy care
• Neonatal care
• Paediatric care
• New born intensive
• High risk pregnancy care

The hospital was established in 2007 and has grown every step of the way due to a passion for quality, innovation and integrity. The services have continuously increased over the years and the trend looks set to continue into the future. There are many potential hazards that can ensue from entrusting your childbirth and/or reproductive issues to half-baked professionals and institutions with less than desirable facilities. Getting the right quality of professional care during childbirth can help save the life of your child and spare them birth injuries that may result in seriously debilitating conditions. A lot of mothers and children die during childbirth around the world. Women also grow through unnecessary pain during delivery which can and should be avoided.

Irreparable damage, infections or even death can result from substandard care and medical procedures carried out in makeshift surgeries. Get the best care and save yourself a lot of pain and anguish now or later.

Cloud 9 Hospital Reviews – Find the Right Choice for Your Delivery

group of expertWhen you want to ensure safe delivery of a baby who is soon to the see the light of the world, you need to find a good maternity and infant care hospital. You have to choose a medical care facility that consists of highly trained doctors and nurses, courteous staff, cutting edge equipment and all advanced facilities that can make sure that your spouse, partner or any other family member has a safe delivery in a highly professional ambiance. Going by the Cloud 9 hospital reviews, you can find that the hospital is the right choice for your needs.

What do Cloud 9 Reviews Say?

When you go through the reviews for Cloud 9 hospital, you can find patients and their family members having appreciation for the following things:

1.  Specialized care
2.  Doctor privileges
3.  High-tech environment
4.  Skilled embryologists
5.  Strict quality control measures
6.  Trained staff
7.  Proper support and guidance
8. Professional behavior and round-the-clock assistance

It is essential to find a great maternity hospital for pregnant women and make sure that optimal care can be availed when the time of delivery is near. Cloud Nine in Bangalore promises the very best services for pregnant women and their newborns.

When you go through maternity hospital reviews, you should try to check whether the facility has cutting edge technology and equipment, skilled medical care providers, professional staff, and availability of specialized care of mothers and babies among other things.

Sources for Cloud 9 Reviews

You can personally go through Cloud 9 hospital reviews in various product review websites and forums that contain feedbacks from real people. You can find very little scope for bias in these reviews. Websites like Burrp and Parentree contain highly appreciative reviews of the Cloud Nine maternity hospital in Bangalore that praise the skills, experience and behavior of doctors and nurses as well as the state of the art technical facilities that can be availed in the medical care facility.

The hospital has received good response from most of the patients who have been admitted in there. Whether you are going for a simple pregnancy or have a complicated pregnancy that requires special care, you can check out Cloud 9 hospital after you are satisfied with its reviews.

Know why Cloud 9 hospital reviews have been positive so far and why this maternity hospital has so far received great response from its patients and family members.