Cloudnine Bangalore the Best Hospital for Maternity Care

The next big thing after you get pregnant is to look for maternity hospitals and planning the birth of a baby and postnatal care. While making a final decision is crucial for couples, it is imperative to gather all information first to make a right choice to find the best maternity hospital for the birth of the baby and baby care.

The Cloudnine Hospital in Bangalore is on the top of the list of expecting mothers, and definitely, it is a good choice. This hospital believes in total wellness care of mother & child health, which is why mothers’ are choosing this maternity hospital for pregnancy care, neonatal care, and paediatric care. The hospital assures to deliver the best experience of birthing and happy pregnancy.

Cloudnine Bangalore – Best Hospital for Maternity Care

The reputation of any hospital depends on its quality of services, doctors, and the support staff. Cloudnine Hospital Bangalore is a premium brand in the space of women & child care in India. They are providing specialized healthcare services in different spheres of maternity & gynaecological issues.

Cloudnine hospital in BangaloreCloudnine Hospital in Bangalore is at the very first place in the list of top magazines, newspapers, and websites. The fully equipped luxury rooms and suites at the hospital offer a joyful experience to mothers-to-be, and they do not feel uncomfortable. It is a better idea to choose a package for yourself that suits your varying needs and find out how good the maternity service is at Cloudnine.

The doctors in the hospital have that expertise and experience required to treat gynaecological issues. You can check customers’ feedback and the ratings on the hospital’s website to testify this fact.

Services Offered By the Hospital

Cloudnine Whitefield Centre in Bangalore, have ensured the best childbirth facilities, and all this enabled them to deliver the unmatched 99.72% early neonatal survival rate and 100 successful deliveries. When it comes to technology and services, state-of-the-art facilities are maintained at the hospital such as spacious and comfortable LDRs rooms, Operation Theatres, 4D real-time ultrasound imaging system and the high level of infection control system in the OT.

At Cloudnine Hospital Bangalore, all their staff members are experts in their respective fields and do their work with the complete dedication. Women can enjoy a healthy & happy pregnancy at the hospital. The hospital has won numerous awards and recognition for doing great work in the field of women and child care.

They have won Brand Academy Healthcare Excellence Award in 2014, Social Media Campaign of the Year 2015, Best PE/VC-backed Healthcare Company for 2014 and many more. The hospital provides world-class medical expertise regarding quality and everything you need to nurture life the right way.

In the End

The Cloudnine Hospital at Bangalore offers basic healthcare & wellness specialties to the mother and child. By understanding the complexities of pregnancy care, the hospital provides the best medical care for women of all ages in all areas of gynaecological issues.


Cloud 9 Hospital: Best Maternity Care Chain in India

Cloud 9 hospital offer world class facilities to more and more female patients that look for best treatment care facility during pregnancy. This hospital is renowned in the entire nation for its state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities and healthcare services provided to patients. With over thousands of satisfied clients all over the nation, Cloud 9 always strives to offer international quality and specialized healthcare services in India especially for women and children.

The brand has become synonymous of best health care services, respect and courtesy by providing premium quality specialized and stellar services. The hospital is known for having the best medical facilities and experienced team of doctors, and is equipped with all the modern facilities that match with world class standards of healthcare, hospitality, customer care, technology, and patient care.

Best Maternity Care

Most Preferred Hospital for Maternity Treatments
Cloud 9 Hospital has earned a good name in the Indian market by maintaining continuous improvement in the field of women’s healthcare & pregnancy. The hospital holds specialization in maternity care facility and understands the various level of complexity required in treatment procedures. Cloud 9 offers improved and modern ways of healthcare that include following facilities.

Many of female patients prefer contacting Cloud 9 hospital during pregnancy as the hospital extends extensive care throughout pregnancy.

Cloud 9 is premier in handling gynaecological issues. The hospital even conducts multiple women health check-ups to diagnose health issues during pregnancy.

For kids up to the age of 18 years, hospital provides world-class treatment facilities to ensure effective quality results. Their team of talented doctors helps patients to understand more about how to take care of the health of new born babies.

Intensive Care
The ICU unit in Cloud 9 hospital has all the modern facilities and certified by the National Neonatology Forum that is the main brand of ICU services. Proper hygiene is maintained in the intensive care unit, and it is equipped with all the modern facilities required for treatment.

At Cloud 9, the fertility experts provide correct advice to couples who are facing problems in their pregnancy or other related issues. Due to stressed lifestyle and bad habits many women’s unable to conceive a child. If you are also facing the same concern, experienced doctors at Cloud 9 can help you can overcome this problem.

The storage of stem cells is a completely new initiative of Cloud 9 hospital in association with LifeCell. This process aims to make people preserve the stem cells of their baby for specific time period or lifetime. Various services offered under Cryonine include

• Round the clock stem cell collection facilities
• Process is done by trained & qualified staff
• Special programs on Cryonine
• Client care program by qualified counsellors
• Lab report facility

There are many specialized hospitals in India that offer excellent care facilities for pregnancy, infertility, genecology, and other medical issues. Cloud 9 hospital accredited widely for its international standards and high-quality health care facilities. With the help of team of qualified and talented doctors, physicians, and surgeon, they treat patients in the best possible ways.

Reach Cloud 9 Hospital in Bangalore for Best Maternity Care

Pregnancy and subsequently motherhood is one of the most pleasing experiences for a woman. The feeling of a little life developing inside can sometimes be quite overwhelming for a lot of women. Also, this is the time when you need to take utmost care of your health because you have a life associated with you. Thus, you will have to take control of your eating habits, lifestyle, etc. for a healthy pregnancy.

However, a healthy pregnancy is not limited to these factors only. You also need proper guidance during this time, which can only be provided by specialist. In fact, these specialists, gynaecologists, can also help you with pregnancy diet and other factors to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and go on to deliver a healthy baby.

Cloud 9 Hospital in Bangalore

Looking out for Hospitals
Your search for a good maternity care centre must have taken you on a tour of hospitals and picking one of them for your need is a difficult task. If you are in Bangalore, there are a number of maternity care centres in the city; however, Cloud9 hospital is a very popular one that you must get in touch with during pregnancy.

There are certain reasons why Cloud 9 hospital in Bangalore should be the hospital you must go to for maternity care, some of which are described below.

For their Modern Facilities
Cloud9 has installed modern facilities in its premises to extend best-in-class services to its customers. This has helped them in achieving over 23,000 happy deliveries and a high neonatal survival rate of about 99.72%.

For their Awesome Services
Apart from maternity care Cloud9 hospital is also known to offer plethora of other services with the same proficiency.

• Gynaecology
• Paediatrics
• Fertility
• Intensive Care

The hospital is able to offer top-grade services in these fields because of the expertise of its medical professionals.

For They Have Won Accolades for Their Work
Owing to their dedication in the field for providing top-end service to their clientele, Cloud9 has earned numerous awards and accolades from around the world. Some of the awards they have won are:

• Pride of Karnataka Award- 2014
• Brand Academy Healthcare Excellence Award 2014
• Mother & Child Care Service Provider Company of the year 2014
• 4th Genius HR Excellence Award 2014
• Best PE/VC-backed Healthcare Company for 2014

For They Have Earned Customer’s Trust
One of the biggest achievements for a service provider is to earn appreciation and gratitude of its clients, and Cloud9 has surely earned that. The client feedback on their site is testimony to the fact that the customers who have rendered any of their service have liked it and appreciate it.

Final Word

All these features point to the fact that Cloud9 hospital in Bangalore is the hospital that you must contact for best maternity care.

Plunge Headlong for Cloud 9 Hospital in Jayanagar

Pregnancy entails diverse complications and the whole period of pregnancy is fraught with moments that should not be turned eyes off and need to be addressed at the latest stage. Although the news of pregnancy sets the ball rolling for the mother-to-be as she starts harbouring dreams about the child, it also takes the wind out of sails for her as she holds out to pangs of unbearable pain that lasts through the ante-natal period. In many instances, the exigency strikes which deems premature delivery as necessary. One should factor in such situations and keep the eyes peeled to steer clear of such unsolicited moments. When arrival of a child beckons, one should take stocks of the situation and leave no stone unturned to keep the chill winds at bay.

Pressing Need for Maternity Care Hospital

During the pregnancy, family members should take it upon themselves to seek out the right maternity hospital for the mother-to-be. There exists different dimensions of maternity hospital and you should make it a point to size nuts-and –bolts of the hospital up in order to make an informed choice. Additionally, they should gather nuggets of information concerning the neo-natal survival rate of the hospital in questions and other decisive facts that would bear on your decision. Further, it is worth noting that hospital should be located in the bordering areas of town in order to ensure that you can make frequent visits to the expecting mother during their sojourn in the hospital. Similarly, you must exercise caution and should not make a decision in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Cloud 9 Hospital

Introduction to Cloud 9 Hospital in Jayanagar

Cloud 9 hospital in Jayanagar has created waves in the arena of maternity care and have come up in the world in a very short span of time since they got off the ground. Moreover, they have duly met all the credentials, which come with the territory of being a premier maternity care hospital as well as projection they have established in the industry.

Competent and Qualified Team of Professionals

Backed by eminent team of professionals from diverse spheres of medical industry, Cloud 9 hospital has been the most sought-after choice of maternity care hospital. Each individual in our medical undergoes intensive interview sessions before forging employment us and we pull out all the stops to make a cherry pick of professionals.

Widening Reach to Lesser Known Landscapes

We have established our wings across the country since we got off the ground and are forging ahead to set the milestones in the industry. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we have made great strides and continue to boast of our unmatched client experience.

Know More about Cloud 9 Hospital for Making a Better Choice

The declaration of pregnancy by a lady sets off the awe-inspiring outpouring of excitement that runs strongly amongst all the members of the family. In addition to that, the moment indicates the restlessness throughout the family as they start preparing for the grand welcome of the new addition to their house. The course of pregnancy is regarded as the most precious possession for a woman as it pervades in her a flow of emotions linked to newly found individuality in motherhood. The rumbling experience of maternity remains engraved in the memory of to be mother as if expected physical dimensions. This is viewed as the ultimate recompense for a woman conferred by the Mother Nature.

Amidst this considerably hyped arrival of a kid, a mother is struck by bouts of worries and jitters mainly if it is the instance that you are pregnant for the first time. The main reason behind it is that there are loads of concerns that turn up in the matter of perinatal period which are worth noticing. Furthermore, the importance of the circumstances calls for thorough efforts to be put in, so as to keep any trouble at bay.

Cloud 9 Hospital
Enviable Standing in the Health Industry

Cloud 9 hospitals have been at the front position in providing neo-natal care as well as a variety of other services to expectant mothers. The hospital has got the enviable status of being the most reliable pregnancy care provider, which it has made like a leading bricklayer since its foundation took effect.

Rave Reviews

Cloud 9 hospitals focus on delivering to the hopes of our customers which shows with quality and reliable service they offer. Also, Cloud nine hospital boasts of more than 23,000 safe and trouble free deliveries until now and has got a covetous 99.72% neo natal persistence rate. All these motivating numbers have been the key driving force behind its resounding accomplishment in the recent times.

Presence in the Major Cities of India

With centers interspersed across various parts of India, Cloud 9 hospital targets to broaden its reach to people living in the lesser known regions of the nation. With founder Dr. Kishore Kumar being the ideal of the hospital, it endeavors to be an all-inclusive solution for all maternity needs.

Eventually, it is worth concluding that with outstanding features of services that manifest with Cloud 9 hospital, you should check out the services they have on offer and compare it with all the other options then you will be able to make a better choice.


ImageCloudnine was a concept that came into existence when its founder Mr. R. Kishore Kumar, a well known senior neonatologist, felt an urge to bring the best healthcare for women and children. The growing disparity in the standard of medical care available around the world and in India prompted the doctor to make these services available to people at affordable prices. The range of service available at Cloudnine includes gynecological care, care during pregnancy, neonatal and new born intensive care. The centre at Jayanagar, Bangalore along with the other centers also offers solutions to couples dealing with infertility and is popular for successfully dealing with high risk pregnancies.

ImageVision and Values
The vision to provide the best care and the customer centric values make Cloudnine at Jayanagar, Bangalore and elsewhere make it one of the most successful in woman and child healthcare industry. The employees at Cloudnine are treated with respect which ensures that they help in offering the best of services to the customers. With persistence and hard work, Cloudnine has achieved and maintained zero maternal mortality rates and 99.72% survival rate for babies all the while handling some of the most high risk cases. After serving people from Bangalore for more than half a decade, Cloudnine has now opened a new centre in Chennai with plans to provide advance healthcare services to more and more people.