Become a Privileged Parent with Cloudnine Fertility Care

cryonineChild birth is one of the most memorable moments in every individual’s life. Cloudnine is a Bangalore-based maternal and childcare specialty hospital that handles childbirths with utmost care of both the new-born as well as the mother. Regardless of the severity of the case the hospital has been able to sustain zero percent maternal mortality rate and 99.72% survival rates for babies.

Cloudnine, since its inception in 2007, has been providing world-class healthcare through a comprehensive portfolio of services. In its short span of time, the hospital has built an image of offering diversified, well trained, and motivated workforce to its patients.

Here is a list of some of their specialties:

Infertility Treatments

Owed to the rather unbalanced lifestyle of people, the cases of infertility have increased manifold compared to yesteryears. Posseting a laudable cognizance of all sorts of infertility issues, the experts at Cloud nine fertility leverage innovative technology and strict processes. As a result, their success rate is among the highest in the country.

Gynaecological Caregynaecology

Cloudnine is one of the leading healthcare centers in India, devoted to woman and childcare. The gynaecological program offers care for women of all ages, encompassing all sorts of gynaecological issues. This also includes taking care of complexities related to the female reproductive system.

Neonatal Intensive Care

The hospital makes use of innovative instruments and proven approaches to manage numerous complexities associated with childbirth. The hospital is also certified by the National Neonatology Forum for its exceptional neonatal intensive care.

What Makes Cloudnine Unique?

  • Cheerful atmosphere
  • Welcoming staff
  • World-class doctors
  • Advanced equipment
  • Patient-centric services
  • Specialized health care programs
  • 99.72% success rate of new born
  • Placed among ‘11 Start-ups to Watch Out for in 2012’ by Forbes India
  • Receiver of the National Quality Excellence Award
  • Best Maternal & Infant Care hospital award

After winning numerous accolades and becoming a household name in Bangalore, the hospital has now come up with a new facility in Chennai, with more upcoming projects across the country.


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